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Planning and Assessment :

Planning and evaluation are the first steps in the AWS cloud migration process. Three different processes are involved in this step. To determine the expenses associated with moving data to the AWS cloud, a financial assessment is first required. Comparing the financial effects of the on-premises centre and cloud-based infrastructure may require a complete and meticulous investigation. The term "on-premises costs" typically refers to the price of a server, storage, and network as well as the cost of IT staff. Security and compliance assessment is the subject of the following evaluation procedure in this stage. The earliest participation of security auditors and consultants is specifically mentioned as the best practise for AWS migration in this regard. Due to the significant difficulties associated with data protection, security and compliance evaluation are crucial. Data security presents formidable challenges, thereby implying the importance of security and compliance assessment. You need to develop an idea about threats and risks for your data and use it for the classification of data.

Based on the level of threat and risk, you can decide about the datasets which are suitable for cloud migration. You should also try to evaluate your overall risk tolerance and options for recovering data from the AWS cloud. The final process in the planning and assessment step refers to technical and functional assessment. This phase involves understanding the strategic and architectural fit of applications for the cloud.

Technical and functional assessment involves identifying applications for moving first to the cloud and possibilities for reusing current tools for resource management and configuration. The other factors in this assessment process for AWS migration include methods for excluding hardware, network, and software support contracts.

Strategy for Migrating Data to AWS Cloud :

The choice of the AWS migration strategy is the next crucial consideration in the process of moving to the AWS cloud. In this situation, you can choose between two different solutions. Both a Lift and Shift migration approach and a hybrid migration strategy are employed. Applications that are tightly connected, stateless, or standalone are best suited for Lift and Shift migration to migration method.

For large systems with numerous applications, a hybrid migration technique is optimal. The configuration and creation of an Application Migration Instance is a major concern at this point in the migration process. The necessity of a configuration management procedure should also be emphasized.

Set up, Operate, & Scale Any Database in the Cloud With Us

With years of experience in the field with a great eco systems of Vendors and fleet of DBA’s and AWS experts, HSI is proficient in migrating Any On-Premise databases to the cloud with AWS RDS technology. We make it easy to set up, operate, and scale any database in the AWS. It provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity while automating time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching and backups.

Once you Setup RDS you are ready with replication, high performance storage and failure detection without any extra efforts. RDS enables your developers more time to work on commercial applications that have the quick performance, high availability, interoperability, and security requirements of businesses.

Modernize your data infrastructure with fully managed, purpose-built databases of AWS. Starting from Relational Databases to Time Series Databases are available for suffices everyone’s need. With our Database Migration Service which is tailored to your needs using our experience for Simple Lift & Shift to Complex Database Modernization homogenous or Heterogenous Migration with Multi AZ or Hybrid with virtually no downtime.

For your every need, with variety, purpose-built databases, automated provisioning, administering, and scaling databases you can concentrate on higher-value app development work.

Re-Platforming Helps you with:

  • Exit your data center
  • Eliminate legacy hardware and software costs
  • Right-size your workloads
  • Realize your corporate cloud strategy by migrating Oracle
  • Enhance service levels, security, performance and availability
  • Refocus your people to drive greater business value
  • Become a data-driven enterprise, by leveraging cloud-native analytics and artificial intelligence services

Replace your rigid commercial databases with open source-compatible, cloud-optimized databases that offer higher performance at a reduced price.

Choice of Database helps you with:

  • Drive down legacy database TCO, using new lower-cost alternatives
  • Diversify your database strategy, by using the right technologies for the right workloads
  • Align your choice of database platform to cloud-native development practices
  • Improve business agility and reduce overheads by adopting a platform as a service (PaaS) strategy
  • Achieve faster time-to-market for new products, services and geographies

Utilize the nearly limitless database scalability and high availability offered by the cloud to guarantee that your database is constantly accessible to your apps.

Scalability & Agility help you with:

  • Database can keep up with the increasing demands of your applications
  • You can vertically scale up your RDS instance with a click of a button
  • You can easily create additional nodes from the Amazon RDS console for Horizontal Scaling
  • RDS Is Self-Healing (Failure detection)
  • High Availability, Replications & Backups are automated and can be started on single click


With years of experience as a reputable SI and cloud service provider, we have vast portfolio of migration services which includes application migration, database migration, data warehouse migration, and windows workload migration to AWS.

Lift-and-Shift DB & Application Migration

Hitachi has put up a straightforward and flexible migration and database procedure using AWS Application Migration Service.

AWS Application Migration Service automates the conversion of your source servers from physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure to run natively on AWS, minimizing time-consuming, error-prone manual methods.

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Database Migration

AWS Database Migration Service allows heterogeneous migrations between database platforms, such as Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora, as well as homogeneous migrations, such as Oracle to Oracle.

The source and target database engines are the same or compatible in homogeneous database migrations.

The source and the target database engines are distinct in heterogenous database migrations, as in the cases of Oracle to Amazon Aurora, Oracle to PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL migrations. Before the data migration process can begin, a schema and code transformation is necessary.

AWS RDS : Popular Use Cases

Web and Mobile Applications
Amazon RDS fulfill the needs of highly demanding apps with varying usage patterns while also allowing for future expansion.

Enterprise Applications
Amazon RDS is a managed database that allows businesses to create enhanced customer experiences while also adhering to PCI compliance without having to worry about database upkeep.

Healthcare Applications
Healthcare apps demand a flexible, durable, massively scalable, and low-cost database solution, rendering Amazon RDS an obvious choice.

Mobile and Online Games
Amazon RDS provides the throughput and availability that mobile and online games require while reducing management, allowing game creators to concentrate on development.

Purpose-Built Databases : A database available for Everyone and Every Need