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Hitachi has a long history of building social infrastructure systems. Based on the concept of a value chain, we have been providing a total solution ranging from consulting in the upstream stage to operations. In these initiatives, we’ve always focused on one question: What do customers need to provide their services with peace of mind? At Hitachi, we have continued to propose our security solution to social infrastructure companies based on a thorough understanding of their on-site operations.

Web Application Firewall

By utilizing AWS WAF, you can leverage AWS's global infrastructure to deliver content, videos, or APIs with low latency and improved transfer speeds to customers worldwide. This ensures a better user experience and faster access to your services.

In terms of monitoring, AWS WAF provides logging capabilities that allow you to track and analyze requests made to your applications. You can gain insights into allowed, blocked, and potentially harmful requests.

HSI offers expertise in AWS WAF and provides tailored solutions and monitoring services, you can benefit from their specialized knowledge and support to enhance the security posture of your applications and gain valuable insights into your

Benefits of WAF Solution

Boosted web traffic visibility

AWS Managed Rules

Security Integrated

Blocks DDOS Attacks

Agile protection against web attacks