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Hitachi Systems India offers full visibility into your overall security and governance posture across various standards and frameworks, whether your cloud exploration is just starting to take shape, you’re mid-way through a migration or you’re already running complex workloads in the cloud.

HSI leverages AWS Systems Manager to drive efficient and scalable ops for your AWS environment. AWS Systems Manager helps view and control hybrid infrastructure on servers for AWS environments. With our deep knowledge and experience in AWS Systems Manager, we assist our customers in streamlining operations, enhancing security, and improving the overall efficiency of your AWS environment.

AWS Systems Manager empowers you to manage your infrastructure efficiently and securely. From Resource Management to automation, patching and monitoring, Systems Manager provides the tools you need to optimize your operations by allowing you to view and manage your infrastructure at scale and gain the valuable insights into your system’s performance.

Overview of Our Expertise in AWS Systems Manager

1. Infrastructure Automation

We can help our customers leverage AWS Systems Manager automation to automate repetitive operational tasks such as instance patching, configurations updates etc. by implementing robust automation workflows, we enable you to reduce manual effort, enhance consistency and accelerate the deployment of changes across the customers’ infrastructure.

2. Patch Management

Our team is well versed in utilizing AWS Systems Patch Manager to simplify and automate the patching process for your EC2 instances, on premises servers and VM. We ensure that our customers systems remain up to date with the latest security patches, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and improving overall system stability.

3. Configuration Management

We assist in leveraging the AWS Systems Managers Configuration Management capabilities to maintain consistencies and enforce the desired configurations across the customer’s resources. By defining and applying configuration policies, we help you achieve configuration compliance, minimize errors, and streamline the management of the customers’ infrastructure.

4. Inventory and Compliance

We assist our customers to collect and track the vital inventory and configuration of data of the resources. By centralizing this information, we enable the customers to gain valuable insights into their infrastructure, manage licenses, and maintain compliance with security standards and regulatory requirements.

5. Operational Insights

We leverage AWS Systems Manager's Operations Center and Operational Insights to monitor and gain actionable insights into the customer’s infrastructure’s performance and health. By setting up custom dashboards, creating alerts, and analyzing performance metrics, we help the customers proactively identify and address operational issues, ensuring optimal system performance.

6. Run Command and State Manager

Our expertise extends to AWS Systems Manager's Run Command and State Manager capabilities, enabling the customers to execute the commands at scale across your fleet instances and manage system configurations, we assist our customers to automate the operational tasks, simplify resource management, and reduce manual intervention, leading to improved efficiency.

7. Parameter Score

We can guide our customers in utilizing AWS Systems Parameter Store to securely store and manage configuration data, secrets, and sensitive information. By centralizing your configuration settings, we ensure that our customers applications and services can easily retrieve and securely utilize the required parameters.

Our team of AWS certified experts possesses in-dept knowledge of AWS Systems Manager capabilities and best practices. Whether you need assistance with initial setup, ongoing management, or the optimization of AWS Systems Manager we are here to provide the expertise and support which our customers need.