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Why Hitachi Systems India

At Hitachi Systems India, we inspired our people to explore their passion and lead change by being curious, innovative, collaborative and courageous in everything we do. Our employees have access to latest technology and tools and we encourage ongoing learning and development through various learning methods thorough out the organization to foster an environment of trust and transparency to help build smarter business and co-create a better tomorrow.

Hitachi Spirit

The Hitachi Spirit makes us unique as an employer of choice to stay ahead while making difference in the world.


The willingness to respect the opinions of others and discuss matters in a manner that is thorough and frank, but fair and impartial, and once a conclusion has been reached, to cooperate and work together to achieve a common goal.


To act with a sense of ownership and honesty at all times and never pass the buck. The spirit to meet society's expectations and generate credibility for Hitachi.

Kaitakusha -Seishin

To work creatively, using novel approaches to enter new areas. To always act as a pioneer within our areas of expertise and to have the passion to pursue higher goals beyond our capabilities

Employee Insights

Empowering Employees with Technology

By Shradha Puri
One of the most arduous and engaging aspects of organization management is HRM.

Innovating Out of the box

The story of Prateek, Karan, and Mohar highlighting their pursuit towards an interconnected Hitachi Systems India

Recruitment Process

The Hitachi Spirit makes us unique as an employer of choice to stay ahead while making difference in the world


Browse our career section and apply for the desired job.
Your resume should include a thorough list of credentials and provide detailed information about your experience regarding the position you have applied for.


A recruiter/technical panel will screen your application to figure out whether you are the right fit for our organization.
If your credentials match with our current requirements, we will contact you for further details.

Interview Process

- Telephonic interview with the Hiring Manager
- Interview with the respective Corporate

HR Interview

This section of the interview involves a discussion regarding your career goals, skills, strengths, passion, and various other aspects, from both a personal and professional perspective. You can also ask the recruiter anything you like to know about the position or Hitachi Systems India as a whole.

Offer Roll-Out

If you pass the recruitment process with flying colors, then you will be provided with an offer letter.
It will detail out the compensation structure, along with other rules and regulations pertaining to employment at Hitachi Systems India.

Work with Us

We're hiring! Look for the best fit for you.

Employee Stories