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Employee Insights

Empowering Employees with Technology

By Shradha Puri August 22th, 2019

How does one translate emotions aka people management onto a digital platform? One of the most arduous and engaging aspects of organization management is Human Resource management. It’s the capability to capture the innate capabilities, balance it with verifiable performance and structure a roadmap that enhances organizational capability, inspires excellence and improves individual motivation and contribution.

Human resource function is no longer a hiring or onboarding function but a core contributor to business strategy. Over the years, technology penetration in businesses has led to significant inroads in the automation of the human resources department. With help of technology human resources department is not only driving efficient and data-driven operations but advocating consistency and transparency.

Achieving Automation for Creating Strategic Human Resources

It is undeniable that technology clearly brings ease and efficiency to the mundane tasks in human resource department including employee onboarding, payroll, leave & attendance management. Such automation is the predominant contributor towards evolving the function of of HR into a strategic human resource function.

What was considered an expenditure on technology has turned into an investment due to the role of strategic human resource as an employee enabler. Employees are becoming fundamental part of organizations, creating a well-rounded employee experience from the moment an employee is on-boarded to his/her entire journey at organization becomes significant. Hence, human resource management system (HRMS) helps automating complete process such as raising a requisition, collecting paperwork, performance management, leave management etc. easier. The key to success here is creating a direct relation with organization before joining and during entire tenure. The focus should be on ensuring productivity as soon as employee gets associated with organization.

Another aspect in which automation has helped organizations is learning and development. Creating an environment which helps employees to enhance their technical skills, personality and communication through videos, courses, presentation, audios which are easily accessible and available for them on the go. The objective is enabling employees self-learning which builds an employee cognizant organization.

Looking at Bright Future

We are living in a world of digitization where every day we are introduced to new technology. The question we should ask ourselves, how human resource department should progress to accommodate for the disrupting changes which are brought by the technology? At Hitachi Systems India, we adapt and adopt to stay relevant. This amalgamation of technology and human resource paves the way for a predictable consistent employee engagement and management.