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Innovating Out of the box

The story of Prateek, Karan, and Mohar highlighting their pursuit towards an interconnected Hitachi Systems India

By Shradha Puri April 9th, 2019

As soon as the Out Of The Box contest was announced, Business Head Mr. Manoj Simon (Sam) was very confident that he wanted Prateek, Karan, and Mohar to be in his team- he believed they would create a killer combination carrying the perfect blend of years of experience and a fresh and youthful perspective!

Prakaar is formed taking parts of our names and putting them together, it means diversity or variety in Hindi. That is exactly what our Out Of The Box idea stands for- Unity in Diversity, the coming together of diverse platforms under one umbrella”, says the team.

Under the guidance of their Business Head, Sam, and their TL Mr. Vicky Phulwani, the team focused on solving the current pain areas in Business Development, and how to effectively use their idea to generate better revenue and create a stronger brand for the organization.

“The IT industry itself is so dynamic, there is something new to learn every day. It's important to keep up with the pace of such changing trends”

They say as they talk of the ‘My Hitachi’ mobile application they developed to make life easier for all employees as well as customers. Their idea is a platform that synchronizes all the different systems in place as of today and consolidates them into a mobile application where data is available to the employees and the customers at their fingertips. It leads to transparency and gives everyone a clear visibility of processes and progresses, thus taking off dependencies from mails and phone calls.

"Not only will the application make life easier and convenient for employees, it will also give customers an end-to-end visibility of order loading to implementation to invoicing processes. In this world of digitization, it is very important that we at Hitachi Systems India take the first step towards becoming a tech savvy giant and giving a feel-good factor to our customers through the 'My Hitachi' app experience." The team was delighted when Falguni San said they were the first ones to get a 'good job' comment from her during the Phase 1 of the competition. Our MD, Tarun San was impressed with the idea, but skeptical about whether it is an idea for today or for the future. "Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab!" answered Team Prakaar, and made it a point that no one on the judge's panel was left unconvinced that their Out Of The Box idea was indeed the best!

Prakaar is very excited to have won the competition, and even more thrilled to get a chance to be a part of the Annual Conference in Bali. "We feel honored and relieved at the same time that our idea is going to be implemented- it is a huge privilege and it will make our lives so much easier now!" says the team. "Right from its inception, to calculating the commercials and time involved for its implementation, to creating a prototype of the mobile app, we three have really brainstormed to come up with the best version of this idea and our entire team has helped us put it together. We look forward to working further on this idea and turning it into reality. Out Of The Box was a great initiative that made us tingle our gray cells to come up with this idea, and now we believe that as it comes into effect it will help us interconnect all departments and the customers who were earlier working as independent silos unaware of each other, and truly take us from I Am Hitachi to We Are Hitachi!"